Scholarships in Medical Microbiology in 2022-2023

We invite you to see the Scholarship in Medical Microbiology in 2022/2023 for foreign students.

Applying for and obtaining a scholarship in Medical Microbiology allows you to study in Turkey for free  and have a master’s degree.

You can see the Medical Microbiology scholarship requirements first.

Then, you can prepare your file according to the conditions of the scholarship.

Then, you must apply easily via the instructions below.

If you get admission into the Medical Microbiology Fellowship, you can start studying in Turkey in 2022.

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Let’s go !!

Medical Microbiology Scholarship Information

  • Country: Turkey
  • City: Istanbul
  • Academic year: 2022-2023
  • Exchange Name: Türkiye Bursları
  • Who Offers the Scholarship: Koç Üniversitesi
  • Degree to Obtain: Masters
  • The Study Specialty: Medical Microbiology
  • Target Groups: African Foreign French
  • Date to Apply: 02/21/2022

Conditions of the University Scholarship

The Turkish Scholarship Program (Türkiye Bursları) at Koç University are an international scholarship program funded by the Turkish government.

This program provides financial support to international students for their intended course of study at selected public Turkish universities and foundations.

Indeed, the program of Türkiye Bursları offers support to students from all countries who wish to pursue undergraduate, masters or doctoral studies.

It also helps academics and post-doctoral researchers to collaborate with Turkish researchers.

Koç University has been offering joint scholarships with Turkish scholarships since 2019 for international students.

The Turkish Scholarship Program at Koç University offers:

  • 100% scholarship
  • Dormitory accommodation (according to the monthly support offered by Turkish Scholarships)
  • Monthly stipend (according to monthly support offered by Turkish Scholarships)
  • Flights
  • Other benefits (Turkish language lessons during studies, assistance with visa application, extracurricular activities for social and cultural integration)

Amount of the Scholarship in Medical Microbiology

  • Amount per Year: 125000 TL
  • Range: + 50,000 TL

How to send a scholarship application?

Are you interested in the Fellowship in Medical Microbiology?

Find out more information and then send your scholarship application via this link:


Official Scholarship Link:

Good luck!

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