Istanbul Aydin University Scholarship in 2020-2021

Istanbul Aydin University Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Scholarship 2020/2021 for foreign student in Turkey.

Apply for the Istanbul Aydin University Scholarship to study in Turkey for free.

Find out all the information about the requirements to apply for the Istanbul Aydin University scholarship.

Istanbul Aydin University Scholarship Information

  • Country: Turkey
  • City: Istanbul
  • Academic year: 2020-2021
  • Scholarship Name: Istanbul Aydin University Scholarships
  • Who Offers the Scholarship: Istanbul Aydin University
  • Degree to be obtained: Doctorate License Master
  • The Specialty of study: Finance Legal Arts Social Sciences
  • Target Groups: African Foreign French
  • Date to Apply: 07/27/2020


Conditions of the University Scholarship

1) Achievement Scholarships, is given to the study of students who have successfully completed the IAU Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral degrees, who have completed at least 1 term and are enrolled students with school reports.

2) Students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.50 cannot apply for the scholarships.
3) The scholarship application is rated on a scale of 100.

Note: This scholarship program is not for prospective and unregistered students.

Applications can only be  submitted  through Applicants must submit and upload the necessary documents in the application system.

Applications sent by post, courier or by hand will not be accepted.

Ongoing scholarships are available for students currently enrolled at Istanbul Aydın University.

Application form:  APPLICATION FORM.docx

Transcription; A GPA of 2.50 equals 25 points and a GPA of 4.00 equals 40 points.

Cover letter; A letter of motivation that the student expresses in a strong way is worth 20 points.  COVER LETTER.docx

Reference letter; A reference form to be completed by a speaker will be worth 20 points. REFERENCE LETTER.docx

Istanbul Aydin University Scholarship Amount

  • Amount per Year: 9000 TL
  • Interval: – from 10,000 TL

How to send a scholarship application?

Do you want to study in Turkey for free with this scholarship?

Send your scholarship application via this link:

Submit your Istanbul Aydin University scholarship application

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